Become a Male Companion and enjoy luxury, travel, excitement and income


Are you bored with your 9 to 5 life?

Most guys dream of an exciting life. Unfortunately, few progress beyond the stage of dreaming.

For a small group of men, THE MALE COMPANION offers an exciting solution...



Are you missing excitement in your life? Is work, university or a stale relationship bringing you down?

THE MALE COMPANION provides safe, discrete and exciting adventures. Our team arranges

  • Dinner Dates
  • Overnight Stays
  • Weekends Away
  • Exotic Vacations


with VIP's, entrepreneurs and international executives. Our clients are demanding, but discrete and generous.


Financial Problems

Are you are a rising star who needs funding for his business venture? Or are you a college student needing a discrete, supplementary income? Either way, joining THE MALE COMPANION helps you to reach these goals.


Affluent Lifestyle

Or would you simply like to maintain an independent and affluent lifestyle? Whatever the reason, joining THE MALE COMPANION allows you to reach these goals.


Tired Of Being Catfished

Dating should be fun. Have you had enough of being catfished by Facebook or Tinder Dates? Both platforms are popular - because they are free. The experienced will say "You got what you paid for".

Please consider that most dating platforms do little to separate the whet from the chaff, and the posers from the high rollers. The internet not only enables individuals to be anonymous, but allow them to be whoever they want to be in their dating profiles. Buyer beware. Dating scams cost money, disappoint and sometimes break hearts.

THE MALE COMPANION eliminates these issues. Our clients are properly vetted by our team. Furthermore, our clients pay handsomely in advance of a date.


Quality Introductions

We provide genuine, top quality engagements with ladies of all ages, where the focus is on a mutually beautiful experience. Your assignments are fully briefed beforehand.


Travel Opportunities

You may expect wonderful life experiences, VIP travel and luxury accommodation from THE MALE COMPANION.


High Income

Lucrative instant earnings are a given with THE MALE COMPANION. The sky is the limit!


No Experience Necessary

No experience is necessary to join our exciting world. All you need is the right mindset. We provide full training and life coaching.


Confidential Application

All applications to the THE MALE COMPANION are handled discretely and strictly confidential. No personal information will be disclosed to any third parties. We do not post pictures on the internet.

All data is stored on our secure servers in Switzerland.


Have We Piqued Your Interest?

If the answer is yes, please tell us a little about yourself by clicking the below 'Join the Team' button. Please answer all questions honestly.

Applications without pictures cannot be considered. Pictures should be recent and show you clearly. Please do not send blurred images, masked faces and refrain from using silly filters.

Alternatively, call us at +41 (22)‭ 518 9200‬ or send an email to